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Welcome to Etyam, your curly hairdresser Figueres!

If you have curls and you can't master them or you want to show them off like nobody else, you're in the right place! We are your reference curly hairdresser Figueres.

From defining your curls to dry cutting, we help you look your best. And if you're looking for a colour change that reflects your unique personality, we can help you with that too!

As a curly hairdresser in Figueres (Girona), we have more than 20 years of experience. Constantly up to date with the latest on the market. We are one of the few hairdressing salons that offers dry cutting. Discover it!

Our passion is not only limited to women's hair treatments. We are also craftsmen in men's haircuts. We advise you to make your daily routine easier and more effective, and to give you the best for the health and beauty of your hair.

At Etyam, we are experts in correcting unwanted colouring and advising you. That colour didn't look the way you expected? At Etyam, we listen to you, we understand your situation and we offer you the best solution to recover the colour you want.

We are considered one of the best curly hairdressers in Figueres!

Pastel turquoise color

"I never thought it would have a turquoise color, but it combined perfectly with my blonde mane"

Combed hairstyle

"Comfortable and very convenient with my style"

Color deep orange

"I finally found a room where I applied a fantasy color that lasted more than a month"

Fantasy color

" It's not me without my pink "

Wicks Balagage

"I entered for the first time in your room and I was right at first my desire for color"

Informal braids

"I really liked my hippye braid"

Radical change

"Cutting my long hair was not easy decision, but in the end the change was spectacular, I love it !!!!!"

Wicks Ombre

"At Etyam Salon & Spa there is plenty of professionalism and sympathy"

Flambogage Wicks

"Go past see them work with this technique of wicks "

Wicks that last

"I was looking for a wick that lasted more than a month and with your techniques last up to three or four"

From blond to coppery

From blond to coppery with a uniform, bright and durable color

Male cut

"They always make it a very pleasant moment to change the loock"

Spectacular blondies

Happy with my Rosé color

Hairstyles for different parties

Perfect for my Rocabilly party


"Everything perfect for my big day"

Very natural blonde

" Very natural blondes, for very natural girls "

Fashionable balagage

" Fashionable balagage wicks "


"The balagage does not have to be blonde, the brunettes can also"

Natural hair extensions

What a wonder this system of extensions, now I have a hair with vigor, length and volume

Natural Balayage in half a mane

"Enchanted with my Balayage, I go to fashion, but with my style"

Natural shine elumen

"Elumen gives me shine, regeneration and definition to my curls."

Intense blond front, intensity gradient backwards

"I love this gradient of blond back, different and current"

Changes of blondes

"Before I wore a rusty and classic blond, now, I'm still blonde but more current and better quality"

I cut my long hair

"With short hair I also feel sexy and great"


" I love the gradient contouring technique in copper tones"


"All my life with straight hair ... I never thought I would feel so comfortable with wavy hair"


"You know how you get into Etyam, but not how you are going to get out .... pastel pink colour !!! I never would have imagined it"


"I love trendy blondes .... I love industrial grays"


"I had quite a lot of white hair, but I didn't want to dye myself .... they surprised me with a technique in various colours and perfect coverage"


"I arrived dark and I wanted to be more current, but in nature .... I loved it so much that I returned soon after doing more"


"I did not believe when they told me that three blonde colors would give a natural color .... I was wrong ..."

Our curly hairdresser's in Figueres has a lot to offer you

At Etyam we pamper and take care of your hair with passion and dedication. In each visit, we offer you a complete experience, always respecting the most important thing: your own style.

Trust us to transform your hair and enhance your natural beauty.


In our hairdressing salon in Figueres the approach goes beyond the simple cut and colour. We meticulously analyse the shape of your face, the colour of your skin and the quality of your hair using the most innovative products on the market.


Our team keeps up to date with the latest trends in men's hair cutting, colour and care. We'll teach you how to create and maintain your own style with ease in your day-to-day life, so you'll feel confident and attractive at all times.

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