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Etyam Salon & Spa

Specialists in pampering, caring for your image and well-being, comprehensive advisors of your image respecting your essence.

Professionals with more than 20 years of experience, trend finders and creators of them with the best techniques and products on the market.

Artisans of the court of gentleman, we teach you to make your style at home with ease and with products of support.

We highlight all your integral beauty from head to feet.

Satisfied customers

Pastel turquoise color

"I never thought it would have a turquoise color, but it combined perfectly with my blonde mane"

Combed hairstyle

"Comfortable and very convenient with my style"

Color deep orange

"I finally found a room where I applied a fantasy color that lasted more than a month"

Fantasy color

" It's not me without my pink "

Wicks Balagage

"I entered for the first time in your room and I was right at first my desire for color"

Informal braids

"I really liked my hippye braid"

Radical change

"Cutting my long hair was not easy decision, but in the end the change was spectacular, I love it !!!!!"

Neon nails

" I love my Neon nails !!! "

Wicks Ombre

"At Etyam Salon & Spa there is plenty of professionalism and sympathy"

Principal services


We analyze the shape of your face, skin color and hair quality, to recommend what suits you best with the best products on the market and the latest trends, always respecting your essence.


Comprehensive solutions for every need. Enjoy our cabin rituals and discover that everything is possible.


We are in continuous training in the latest trends in cut, color, hair care, facial and male body. We advise how to make your day to day easier. The best products of the special gentleman market.

Opening hours




10:00 -13:00 15:00 -19:00


10:00 -13:00 15:00 -19:00


10:00 -13:00 15:00 -19:00


10:00 -13:00 15:00 -19:00


10:00 -13:00 15:00 -19:00

Featured news

Collaboration in the charity parade of Alzheimer's patients Celia Vela

Charity parade for Alzheimer's patients with the designer Celia Vela presenting her collection of Brides. Etyam Salon & Spa solidarity.

Wedding Carmen & Pere

Etyam Salon & Spa moved to the Hotel "Molí" of Ponts de Molins.

We collaborate in teaching students Kasameu

Collaboration in Kasameu Figueres, center of student youth.

Wedding Claire

Anar a dalt